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Missing ship found after 3 weeks

A missing spacecraft identified as BVI-7415TC “The Calliem” was finally found entering Vallis' orbit after being missing for 3 weeks. EMTs rushed to their landing pad to assist the malnourished crew.

Photograph courtesy of “Star Citizen player”
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Montem Method Troupe Performs The Exodus Inquisition

Photograph courtesy of Montem Method

Certain documentation from the history behind the evacuation had been thought lost forever Corporations were leading the charge in building huge ships for evacuation of the Earth, and a group of politicians emerged as a leader in ship designs and communications systems.

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Galactic Senate Now in Session

The first day of discussions occurred today behind closed doors at the beautiful Galactic Senate building. Reporters were only permitted into the press-room and entryway - even being forbidden from using the restrooms due to secretive talks amongst senators taking place within.

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Cotton Bales Still Burning

Photograph courtesy of KWCH Montem News. Cotton bales are still burning on Montem. The fire is believed to have been started by a day-trader upset that he bought too much cotton at high prices.
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GDP Attacks Promitor ADM, "felons" escape

PT was leaked a copy of a classified document being passed through the Promitor Administration Facility, detailing an assault on an unmarked and previously unknown detention facility. According to the brief, it seems that GDP sent an heavily-armed squad to liberate several of it’s members accused of treason. GDP officials commented that they were “just doing what’s best for their members.” Promitor ADM officials refused to comemnt.
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H2O Crisis on Promitor

Esabab’s shenanigans on the Promitor CX have stirred the political cauldron of Promitor Governorship in the latest bout between Governor Catfiz and Candidate LordScrubJay. With citizens in uproar over the price of H2O on a planet with a seemingly-endless supply of the natural resource, Governor Catfiz is calling for calm.

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Bloodied Molp declares planet space no longer an issue

Drenched in blood and showing a distinct limp, Molp, one of the great architects in the universe declared triumphantly today that space on the 3 most popular planets is no longer an issue. “It’s not a problem anymore,” an out of breath Molp said to the Galactic Senate while gripping a handrail tightly. “It’s fixed. Problem solved.” Photographer: Saganaki
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Recovered systems

We’ve recovered our systems after a massive crash. Please forgive us, as all of our data was lost. The backups were lost, and the backups of the backups were also lost. We’re working with authorities to identify the cause, current belief is that it’s a directed attack, though noone is yet claiming credit.
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