Hauler Captain Claims Ship Miraculously Refuelled by Image of Molp!

Every captain has a little bit of worry when they fly through the black. Did you plan the route correctly to avoid flying through a supernova? Did you get enough rations for your crew? Did you remember to load enough fuel into the ship?

Captain Finney, an employee of Hindsight Sol, recently made that exact mistake.

We were in such high spirits! Everything in the trip was going swimmingly. Cargo was handled, crew members prepped for takeoff, the day was beautiful, and CR-911b was calling our name.
At some point during the trip, I realized we were short on FTL fuel. I’ve been doing this for years, and this is the first time I’ve made such a grievous error. After pondering the options, I finally conceded that I needed to contact my CEO, PeterTraylorTX, and tell him the bad news: We’re going to need a refueler to journey out here and help us out.
All of this stress began to wear on me, so I took a seat in my chair on the bridge and started meditating. Shortly after clearing my mind, I was greeted with a blindlingly bright vision of molp, who told me that everything would be ok. “Just relax and let the journey continue.”
I finished my moment of zen, and opened my eyes and stretched; feeling incredibly rejuvenated. I looked to see what our current fuel reserves were at, and was shocked to find that we’d been completely refueled!
Praise molp!