About Us

Bringing you the best news from the Prosperous Universe

Prosperous Turnip is the universe’s leading news publication, bringing you the best, most accurate, and totally real coverage of planetary, galactic and local corporate events. Our humble beginnings date back to being the finest provider of sub-etha news in 2107. Prosperous Turnip now enjoys daily readership by workers on all 14 million inhabited planets, and is the single most influential organization still standing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Prosperous Turnip?

Please send all inquiries to info@prosperousturnip.com

Can I submit articles or ideas to Prosperous Turnip?

Yes, Prosperous Turnip reacts to all the news that’s fit to post. Send a discord message to Saganaki or Kovus following the format that articles have. Do note that changes made by the editor are final and non-negotiable.

How can I work for Prosperous Turnip?

Turnip Inc. regularaly posts new openings on the Careers section of our electronic distribution.

What if I have feedback on a Prosperous Turnip article?

Please send all concerns to null@prosperousturnip.com. Prosperous Turnip cannot guarantee a response to any feedback to its content.

What if I want to sue Prosperous Turnip?

We don’t recommend it. We have powerful allies in the various factions, as well as the big corporations. We will flex our muscular influence.

In all seriousness, what’s the deal with Prosperous Turnip?

(Out Of Character) Prosperous Turnip is a fan-created lore publication of events (actual, fictional, but usually trying to stay within the lore) of the Prosperous Universe game.