Promitor Hosts 17th Annual PNP Fashion Show

Promitor - Time to watch the models parade down the runway again, as Lord Scrubjay hosts this years Promitorian No Pants (PNP) Fashion Show! This is just a stand-in photo, as we got tired of paying our laywers to fight off the Promitorian Chamber of Commerce 1 and the Galatic Senate 2 from previous years.

Unrelated fashion show image by James Santiago 3

The PNP Fashion Event Organization committee revealed why they choose Lord Scrubjay to host this year’s event.

Lord Scrubjay was the obvious choice for hosting this fashion show. He’s a believer in the one true rule of Promitor! From his own mouth: “On Promitor, we have only one rule; but that rule is no pants.”

The PNP Fashion show is known for bringing out the best in bottomless fashion. The underwear models will leave you salivating, and the shirt models will all be arrested for indecent exposure. Or they would, if the event were open to the public.

See your local Promitor box office for ticket information!

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  1. Promitor’s Chamber of Global Commerce kept suing us for giving away [tax]free images/photos of the money-making event. ↩︎

  2. The Galatic Senate tried to sue us for pornography. The PNP Fashion Show is very scandelous. You should check it out. ↩︎

  3. Image information: ↩︎