Montem, Katoa could solve agriculture woes via plowing fields

According to an article in Promitor’s Agriculture Daily, NCE and CI faction planets could benefit from higher crop yields if plowing could be implemented across all planets. The authors suggest that Promitor, Etherwind, and Boucher each have highly successful agricultural sectors primarily due to plowing.

Image origins: Unknown

An Insitor spokesperson has gone on the record, stating “Its pretty clear to be honest, plowing rotates nutrients between the surface and subsurface layers of the soil. It also helps to break up the soil a bit, making it easier for crops to take root.”

Montem officials have struck back at these claims. “Those Promitorian potheads have cooked up more lies. Everyone knows that in capitalist systems, only the best rise to the top. It makes sense - that would happen in the soil too. And like breaking up a monopoly, it would be stupid to break up the soil. If the soil is successful enough to gain a monopoly on the surface, then it’s completely illogical to punish it for being successful!”

Likewise, Katoans have also lashed out. “It sounds like more lies from Insitor. They lie and manipulate the system trying to keep us down. We might get knocked down, but we’ll get up again. They’re never gonna keep us down!” said the Katoan Governor in a speech broadcast to all of Katoa.

Large (for Katoa) crowds broke into song and dance immediately after the speech. Dozens of Katoans were joined together in solidarity, chanting the last two sentences of the governor’s speech.

The article further suggested that plowing could assist in raising the population growth of these planets.