Vallis Slogan Contest Begins; Casino Head Thrilled At Increased Traffic

According to an anonymously sent recording sent to the Prosperous Turnip, the Vallis Slogan Contest appears to be a ruse to drum up casino traffic. The scheme, created by casino head & governor of Vallis IanVG, is providing him with almost ten-fold profits.

While the recording is somewhat muffled initially, the transcription is as follows:

Unknown Person (UP): So, – all your idea? This –gan –test?

IanVG: Damn –ght it was –dea. Who else – you think is –art enough to think of it?

UP: Sorry, I hate sitting on this damn thing, mind if I leave it on the table here?

IanVG: Sure, I hate sitting on my wallet, too. Why don’t they make those things hold more NCC?

UP: Anyways, is it really smart to be giving away that much NCC? Twelve point five thousand in prizes and one thousand per new corporation?

IanVG: Are you kidding me? I’m seeing over ten-fold profits from casino income because of this! These idiots are flocking here like Promitorians to magic mushrooms. That money is PEANUTS compared to what I’m making.

UP: Fair enough. Well, I’m going to head to the blackjack table, care to join me?

IanVG: Want to lose some more money, huh? Remember, the house always wins.