Governorship Turned Over to QWNE After Previous Governor Overstayed on 'Torture-cation'

Prosperous Turnip, Boucher - In a first, Governorship of Boucher has changed hands to that of QWNE after Sharlinda overstayed a visit to LH-786a.

Artist work by Hernik Tamm 1

Boucher, an extremely fertile planet in the FO sector, has been under GDP control for 8 governorships until now. According to a source close to Sharlinda,

She simply lost track of time playing “How long can you last in 173 degrees” with her subjects–a favorite of hers. By the time we heard the news of the election, it was simply too late. We wouldn’t be able to get back to Boucher in time, even if we forced the crew to skip stopping at the casinos on Vallis.

The ‘Ice Queen’ Sharlinda received her title during another one of her excursions on LH-786b. In that instance, it was confirmed that Catfiz was present as one of her subjects. It was there in which a game of “Cat & Mouse” was played and Catfiz endured, however, ended up with a permanent tremor due to the painful memories of losing several fingers and toes to frostbite.

Coincidentally, Catfiz was nowhere to be seen in the QWNE HQ while the elections were running. We will follow events closely as they happen.

  1. Hernik Tamm, ↩︎