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FTL Engine Over-performs, Launches Shipment Into Another Dimension

Earlier today, in the outer reaches of the Antares I system. a ship was seen emerging from hyperspace seemingly out of nowhere, severely damaged. Shortly after it’s emergence, MCRN authorities immediately pulled the ship into Phobos Station for questioning.

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Bonus - Development Log #299.5

Bonus Mini-Development Log! Michi continues his work on the updated map, Nick gives an update on the latest advertising campaign, and Fabian tackles a suggestion. Michi (molp) After being on holiday for so long, it is wonderful to get back into the swing of things! Work is ongoing with the game map changes. An issue that new players have is being able to visualize how to decide what planets are viable.
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Leaked Datatape Sparks Controversy

In local market news, a recent leaked datatape from the π—±π—²π—―π—Ώπ—Άπ˜€β„’ brand has sparked controversy. The tape appears to contain a rough cut advertisement for an upcoming new product, with voice-over text as follows:

“Can’t stand the heat? Get out of the kitchen and into your habitat’s communal recreation zone, protected by π—±π—²π—―π—Ώπ—Άπ˜€β„’ brand Thermal Shielding. Its active cooling modules will blow your padded overalls off with a stream of recycled ‘Freshaire’ patented breathable air substitute. Your nostrils will thank you!

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Crew Rescued from Certain Death in Middle of Journey

Prosperous Turnip - Hortus; A stranded ship was found in the orbit of Hortus. Its crew was found alive and well, though slightly dehydrated and emotionally distressed. The following report is from the last entry of the captain’s journal:

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Unemployment On The Rise, Population Self-Educates In Lack of Jobs

Reviewing the recent published population reports across starter planets show a worrying theme - unemployment is on the rise as the populations keep growing uncontrollably. Phobos leads with a whopping 30.1% unemployment rate, while Promitor keeps it at a more controlled level of 14.2%. The other planets lie somewhere in between.

Pioneers spotted mounting a banner on Moria Station 1
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I'm Not Extinct Yet

Prosperous Turnip, AU-605c (maybe): Reporters have contacted the CEO of Sea of Dirac, the latest to send an envoy to the planet AU-605c, where we’ve previously reported on an extinction event. Independent reporter ManoftheSea has confirmed that they also received reports of the event, but yesterday started receiving transmissions from their AU-605c base.

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Religious Fracturing Over "The End"

Following the supposed extiction event on AU-605c1, worshippers took over the public spaces of the universe this week to share their religious beliefs, wanted or not. It’s unclear if there were hopes of acquiring new members, plans to discredit the other beliefs, or just get their 3 minutes of fame. The “Church of molp” had multiple speakers show up and vehemently disagree over The End.

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Galactic Senate Proves Its Worth – By Dissolving Itself

The Galactic Senate (an Illuminati-like group of mega corporations) has stunned political commentators across the known galaxy by proving its worth this week. Over the course of less than a week, the senate took in diverse views from areas as far as XD-354B, Talosia, and the core planets to finally dissolve itself.

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