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I'm Not Extinct Yet

Prosperous Turnip, AU-605c (maybe): Reporters have contacted the CEO of Sea of Dirac, the latest to send an envoy to the planet AU-605c, where we’ve previously reported on an extinction event. Independent reporter ManoftheSea has confirmed that they also received reports of the event, but yesterday started receiving transmissions from their AU-605c base.

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Religious Fracturing Over "The End"

Following the supposed extiction event on AU-605c1, worshippers took over the public spaces of the universe this week to share their religious beliefs, wanted or not. It’s unclear if there were hopes of acquiring new members, plans to discredit the other beliefs, or just get their 3 minutes of fame. The “Church of molp” had multiple speakers show up and vehemently disagree over The End.

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Galactic Senate Proves Its Worth – By Dissolving Itself

The Galactic Senate (an Illuminati-like group of mega corporations) has stunned political commentators across the known galaxy by proving its worth this week. Over the course of less than a week, the senate took in diverse views from areas as far as XD-354B, Talosia, and the core planets to finally dissolve itself.

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FIDO found unresponsive

Prosperous Turnip - Digital. Saganaki’s pet dog FIDO1 has been found unresponsive in the server room of the popular information FIO, with several shredded cables surrounding him.

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Protests Over Moria Exports Turn to Creative Rhymes

In an era of increased prosperity, some of the galaxy’s less fortunate have been left behind. Millions of pioneers on the “highly developed” planets of Montem and Vallis have taken to the streets demanding their governors prevent the export of Moria’s highest quality goods.

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Local Tycoon With Planet Fetish Begins Poetry Tour

Prosperous Turnip - Deimos. A transplanted CEO released a sample of what he hopes will help launch his side career as a travelling poet. Slomes, of Loan Manta Enterprises, announced his tour schedule and promotion for his book with the following sample.

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APEX Devs Complain About FIO Corp Price Band Manipulation on Closed Dev Server

In a recent interview, molp claimed he was “extremely frustrated” after being unable to trade overpriced hydrogen to a new member of the development team. It is widely believed that FIO Corp are responsible for this horrific attack on our beloved developers–especially considering NickNack tweeted “#BlameFIOC” seven more than times his usual twice a day.

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Etherwind Explores a New Planetary Project

ProsperousTurnip - Etherwind. After many weeks of oversupplying the markets, Etherwind CEOs were in a bind: by producing so much H2O & DW, companies were crashing the markets which helped make them grow. In an attempt to stymie a market crash, many companies horded their resources, but encountered issues.

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Hundreds of Forced COLIQs Overnight


In what seems like under the span of three hours, hundreds of companies were forced to COLIQ last night.

The Prosperous Turnip team is investigating this story as it develops.

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