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Voting Shock Upset

Accusations flew across the hypernet as a hotly contested naming rights battle occurred over recently colonized planet OT-442b, now known as “Danakil”.

Alternate candidate “Vulcanus” had taken an early lead, and was projected to win by a small margin, however a late surge by Danakil’s supporters tipped the balance and ultimately proved victorious.

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Study: Ship Crews Re-Directed 28% of the Time

An analysis by the Center For Galactic Studies shows that, on 28% of all industrial ship flights, the crew isn’t sure why they are even going that way. The study gathered data from hundreds of flight crews, who all gave a consistent picture of pointless turnarounds and empty cargo holds. One pilot, who wished to remain anonymous, told the following story:

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Many CEOs Younger Than Expected

A recent survey by the Interplanetary Business Bureau found that the average age of CEO’s at many of the galaxy’s top companies was surprisingly wide ranging, as one researcher explained:

Before I did this survey I had an image of your typical CEO as being some grizzled white-haired old fogey, running things with a combination of grit and charisma. But it turns out that many of them are just kids.

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Regional Tensions Flare

Regional tensions flared recently over the merits of various galactic quadrants, with representatives of Antares and Benten going head to head over trading channels, starting with this outburst from an unnamed Antarean:

All I hear is “Benten prices this” and “Benten currency that”. It’s Benten, Benten, Benten. What about Antares? It sucks here too!

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CEO Forced To Deny Misconduct

This week, embattled CEO Derelict was forced to deny misconduct at his π—±π—²π—―π—Ώπ—Άπ˜€β„’οΈ brand Katoa research facility, as fresh allegations emerged that Antarean citizens had been used as test subjects in safety trials of a new thermal shielding product:

I would like to make it clear that we are NOT developing π—±π—²π—―π—Ώπ—Άπ˜€β„’οΈ brand Thermal Shielding. And if we were, we would take all sensible precautions during the testing phase. Furthermore, they volunteered for the job, and I’d like to remind everyone that the link between galerite dust exposure and swollen head syndrome has not been proven.

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FTL Engine Over-performs, Launches Shipment Into Another Dimension

Earlier today, in the outer reaches of the Antares I system. a ship was seen emerging from hyperspace seemingly out of nowhere, severely damaged. Shortly after it’s emergence, MCRN authorities immediately pulled the ship into Phobos Station for questioning.

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Bonus - Development Log #299.5

Bonus Mini-Development Log! Michi continues his work on the updated map, Nick gives an update on the latest advertising campaign, and Fabian tackles a suggestion. Michi (molp) After being on holiday for so long, it is wonderful to get back into the swing of things! Work is ongoing with the game map changes. An issue that new players have is being able to visualize how to decide what planets are viable.
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Leaked Datatape Sparks Controversy

In local market news, a recent leaked datatape from the π—±π—²π—―π—Ώπ—Άπ˜€β„’ brand has sparked controversy. The tape appears to contain a rough cut advertisement for an upcoming new product, with voice-over text as follows:

“Can’t stand the heat? Get out of the kitchen and into your habitat’s communal recreation zone, protected by π—±π—²π—―π—Ώπ—Άπ˜€β„’ brand Thermal Shielding. Its active cooling modules will blow your padded overalls off with a stream of recycled ‘Freshaire’ patented breathable air substitute. Your nostrils will thank you!

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Crew Rescued from Certain Death in Middle of Journey

Prosperous Turnip - Hortus; A stranded ship was found in the orbit of Hortus. Its crew was found alive and well, though slightly dehydrated and emotionally distressed. The following report is from the last entry of the captain’s journal:

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