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Racing to the INFinite Bottom

A longstanding InsuFoam (INF) cartel consisting of Rain Industries and Slomes, Inc. was destroyed by new companies inserting themselves into the market.

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QWNE Replaces MK-M on Hortus-C as the Wielder of Power

Prosperous Turnip, Hortus C: QWNE stole the governership position on Hortus C from incumbant members of MK-M in the most recent election. Field Reporter Slomes (a member of QWNE) was excited to share this turn of events1.

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Riot Destroys "New" Turnip Headquarters

A few weeks ago, Prosperous Turnip moved their headquarters from Katoa to Promitor. After all, a top-quality publication like Prosperous Turnip deserved a primary building on the sparkling commercial jewel of the universe, rather than a backwater planet like Katoa.

Prosperous Turnip headquarters on Katoa
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Rain Industries Votes Ignored

Rain Industries went to vote in Etherwind’s CoGC upcoming program, and found that they were completely uninfluential.

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Promitor Casino Announces Psychic Readings

Prosperous Turnip, Promitor - Easy Street Casino announced today that they’ve added psychic performances to their lineup. “Miranda” has a new show there where she does her psychic readings amongst the audience several nights a week.

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