Is The End Near? No Say Prominent Group of Scientists

Multiple religious groups (mostly Simulogists) are all claiming that the universe is ending soon. Claiming to have access to ancient calendars, they are claiming that the end of Q1 is near, and thus the end of the calendar and the universe itself. While most people are disregarding this, others have taken heed of the “take heed of the prophets, not profit!”. Most notable is an eccentric millionaire who is buying all the RAT on Promitor, to feed himself in the next life (he claims).

Historians at the Promitor center for ancient studies have another opinion. Apparently old terran financial systems ran on a “quarterly”, however, we don’t know if that is a quarter of our fiscal week or a quarter of what unit of time. Regardless, their studies show that the end of a quarter is not the end of time, just the end of a fiscal reporting period (no matter how odd the old terran system is).