Annoying Pioneer Keeps Sending COM Message About Being Trapped

ProsperousTurnip, Etherwind. Growing increasingly frustrated at her inconsiderate behavior, management of Merchantries were reportedly annoyed by the antics of pioneer Jodie Donavan.

It’s hard to enjoy my 22-hour per day break when I’m incessantly being pinged by my COM.

Said CEO “Bob” Bobemor, confirming that he had been forced to ignore over 30 messages and 4 voice mails begging for help.


While I understand that this is important to her, I just can’t justify thinking about work in my off time.

Shortly before print, CEO Bobemor was reportedly relieved that the flurry of messages had stopped due to the exhaustion of the remaining oxygen within the airtight RIG.

  1. image courtesy Saganaki ↩︎