Pioneer Log Found in KW-688 Sector

The Turnip has received a copy of an anonymous pioneer’s log found in the KW-688 sector. Without modifications, it is as follows:

Pioneer #876

Day #3

It’s been a rough and loong ride aboard AVI-000T8, but we’re here! We’re finally in the solar system, we’re at Etherwind!

Pioneer’s Log1

Day #4

I had a strong feeling that those advertisements were exaggerated, but boy were we in for a surprise. As soon as we made touchdown, everyone aboard was dreaming to get to the nearest government building, grab a quick refreshment, and get on with setting up the Base Module. All that time spent inside the ship gave us a little hint of what Katoa experienced during the KOMVirus outbreaks. Being cooped up for days on end, all of us were eager to start working on anything. Anything at all. But once we started unloading the ship and people stretched their legs on actual ground we realized that we are this planet. There’s nothing here. Completely desolate. Not even a god damned administration building!

Day #11

“The beatings will continue until morale improves!” at least, that’s the joke around the rigs. To say we’re demotivated would be an understatement. The bosses keep talking about “colick”, whatever that means. Jake and I shared a raggety pair of overalls between shifts–it smells of stale rations (argh, that smell). To sum up: We’re down to two days of consumables, haven’t made any profits yet, and the ship is going to take two and a half days to get back from the trip to the closest station and back, so…we wait. For news. Any news.

Pioneer 876 - End of Log

The Turnip was unable to find any ship registration of AVI-000T8.

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