"Scientist" Claims The Multiverse is Real

Dr. Kendrick Holeworm held a very exclusive press conference today, where he prepared to reveal proof that the universe we find ourselves in today is in-fact a parallel universe to the one we were in yesterday.

For Science!1

It was so exclusive that only Prosperous Turnip and his fellow scientists were invited. We are, of course, the premier news outlet for the Prosperous Universe, so it only made sense that we would be top on the list.

In his presentation, Dr. Holeworm explained the theories surrounding parallel dimensions, and then reached in his bag to grab his proof. Unfortunately, his bag was strangely empty. Well, perhaps not so strange to the other scientists in the room who began sharing snide comments and having a good laugh at Dr. Huterar’s expense.

This is just par for the course from him. We didn’t all show up to actually see his proof and presentation. We showed up for the camaraderie brought forth through having a common crackpot scientist to make fun of!
– Dr. Hubert Farnsworthless

The Turnip wanted to be thorough, so we of course turned to the public to get their opinions on the possibility that Dr. Holeworm might be onto something.

I can totally believe the doc! Just last week, I flew through a supernova!
– Bill

What a load of crap!
– Mr. Thompson

You all should know! Yesterday Prosperous Turnip was green & white, and today? Black! It’s madness! Complete madness!
– Karen

Why not? Noone will tell me where all the dolphins went, either!
– Arthur

I guess the community doesn’t know either. Prosperous Turnip has looked the same since it’s inception, and we can’t figure out what dolphins Arthur is talking about.

  1. Image from https://pixabay.com/photos/chemistry-baby-experiment-science-5632654/ ↩︎