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APEX Devs Complain About FIO Corp Price Band Manipulation on Closed Dev Server

In a recent interview, molp claimed he was “extremely frustrated” after being unable to trade overpriced hydrogen to a new member of the development team. It is widely believed that FIO Corp are responsible for this horrific attack on our beloved developers–especially considering NickNack tweeted “#BlameFIOC” seven more than times his usual twice a day.

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Etherwind Explores a New Planetary Project

ProsperousTurnip - Etherwind. After many weeks of oversupplying the markets, Etherwind CEOs were in a bind: by producing so much H2O & DW, companies were crashing the markets which helped make them grow. In an attempt to stymie a market crash, many companies horded their resources, but encountered issues.

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Hundreds of Forced COLIQs Overnight


In what seems like under the span of three hours, hundreds of companies were forced to COLIQ last night.

The Prosperous Turnip team is investigating this story as it develops.

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User With Ten Day Old Account Knows What He's Talking About

Local CEO recently contributed to a chat discussion by assuring everyone that he completely understands the intricacies of Prosperous Universe based on his experience with the game.

Look, it’s pretty simple. I should know, I once dropped out of an economics course in college.

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New Shipping Ad Feature Lets You Decide If Hauler Crew Get Food and Water

In an effort to improve the lives of company workers, APEX is testing out a controversial new feature that lets CEOs decide whether or not their hauler crews will get their food and water needs for the haul.

What we’re trying to do here is put as much choice into the CEO’s hands as possible. I’m so excited to see what options CEOs decide upon. Right now, they can choose between the options: None, Water, Potable Water, and Rations.


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ProsperousUniverse To Restructure Business Model Around Temporary EVE Outages

Immediately following EVE’s most recent temporary outage, Nick of ProsperousUniverse announced a new business model which relies exclusively on spikes of users due to temporary EVE outages.

We call it the “crumbs model”. Basically, we await for users that happen to find us after any downtime EVE sees. Of course, I’ve also done some search engine optimization for the phrase “games like EVE online but not EVE online.”

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Rumored Star-Gate Found Near Hortus

ProsperousTurnip, Promitor. In an exciting turn of events, scientists have discovered a star-gate near Promitor’s sun, Hortus. The star-gate hypothesis, as theorized by Gag Halfrunt, is one of the famous scientist’s recent contributions to the scientific community.

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