Promitor Governor Race Heats Up; GDP Dismayed

Prosperous Turnip, Promitor - The race for the next governor of Promitor is coming to its final hours, and the candidates are neck and neck. They’re also apparently at each others throats!

Promitor Hosts 17th Annual PNP Fashion Show

Promitor - Time to watch the models parade down the runway again, as Lord Scrubjay hosts this years Promitorian No Pants (PNP) Fashion Show! This is just a stand-in photo, as we got tired of paying our laywers to fight off the Promitorian Chamber of Commerce 1 and the Galatic Senate 2 from previous years.

Montem, Katoa could solve agriculture woes via plowing fields

According to an article in Promitor’s Agriculture Daily, NCE and CI faction planets could benefit from higher crop yields if plowing could be implemented across all planets. The authors suggest that Promitor, Etherwind, and Boucher each have highly successful agricultural sectors primarily due to plowing.

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Galaxy?

Prosperous Turnip, Boucher. Police are on-scene and baffled by an event at Tykson Ranch. 5 of their 7 massive chicken coops have been completely removed from the property!

New Use for Carbon Proposed

Over the past few days there has been a significant fall in the price of Carbon across all markets. During the relative recent Carbon boom, many companies retooled their production lines to capitalize on the upswing in prices. However, now that prices have fallen, the carbon supply has far outpaced demand.