Rain Industries Votes Ignored

Rain Industries went to vote in Etherwind’s CoGC upcoming program, and found that they were completely uninfluential.

Promitor Casino Announces Psychic Readings

Prosperous Turnip, Promitor - Easy Street Casino announced today that they’ve added psychic performances to their lineup. “Miranda” has a new show there where she does her psychic readings amongst the audience several nights a week.

APEX Downtime Exposes Addiction Shared by Many CEOs

As APEX developers worked countless hours to address a myriad of networking issues causing production lines to be held up across the universe, a ProsperousTurnip investigation has turned up the addictions of many CEOs.

Nancy Gives Birth to Clutch of 5

After hours upon hours of investigation into the possibility of “memory leaks” or “bugs” in the latest update, APEX developer Martin discovered the true cause of APEX slowness.

Statues Erected on Unused Plot Space

Corporations have been utilizing a little extra money and some unused land to create shrine-like monuments to the APEX developers. We visited Slomes, Inc.’s factory on Promitor to see the work of art they created on their property.