Mixed Pioneer Opinions on New Dining Facilities

Pioneers working for Willow Enterprises on Etherwind have been gloating excitedly about the new cafeteria Rwinner is building for them.

Architect depiction of the future dining facilities. 1

Cammie Rogers whole face lit up when seeing the architect firm’s rendering the first time.

We toil away extracting H2O all day long. It’s about time management does something nice for us! They make all the moeny, but we do all the work! The cafeteria here is about function and minimal need. I can’t wait to dine in comfort rather than the wood benches we currently have!

Some of the technicians are grumbling a bit though, wondering where the new cafe is being built.

I heard they broke ground already, but there’s nowhere in this factory town with construction. I swear I hear my boss say something about rented and converted warehouse space, but that can’t be right; that’s halfway round the world! I don’t think we’ve got that kinda lunch break.
– Millard Bass

Rwinner declined to comment2, but The Turnip has seen the public records showing that his company, Willow Enterprises, has acquired additional warehouse space and applied for several construction permits. When polling other CEOs for their opinions regarding remote dining facilities, we received mixed opinions. Some CEOs were caught up on the idea of lunch breaks that might be long enough to journey to such luxurious company restaurants. Others couldn’t see the value in renting a space for worker luncheons. One of them (name withheld3) even went so far as to question the need to give their workers lunch breaks at all.

At the Turnip, we’re proud to say that we simply have no employees on the books, it’s all dictators and expendable slaves, so there’s no need to feed them.4

  1. Image from https://image.kkday.com/v2/image/get/s1.kkday.com/product_102887/20200824105816_W8uqd/jpg ↩︎

  2. It is hard to comment when we don’t ask. ↩︎

  3. Hah, like we wouldn’t call MADDOG9100 out on being a dictator of a CEO and requiring 12 hour days with no lunch or potty breaks for their workers. ↩︎

  4. The editors would like to let readers know that they are willing to work for food write glowing reviews of individual companies for sustenance. ↩︎