Money, Money, Money... JAIL TIME

The Turnip resumes after an editor is located

Prosperous Turnip operations begin again today after one of the editors was released from prison. News suddenly stopped nearly a year ago, due to the editors vanishing from the universe. It’s now known that one of them had been incarcerated by the Exodus Council’s Treasury enforcement for producing forged ECD credits.

PT enjoying their last day of solitude. 1

It was a sure-fire plan. Make up some money that said ECD, and just start trading it for something usable on the markets. After all, everyone wanted to have them exclusive ECD credits. I never imagined anyone actually knew what ECD looked like! Apparently the Exodus Council spies knew!
– Kovus

Other editors have yet to be located. No one is certain yet if they are hiding in the underworld, also (and still) incarcerated, or if they were killed and disposed of into the nearest sun.2

As part of the terms for Kovus’ parole, they have been forced to learn how to make money the correct way (instead of forging it) by learning from Pear Talks PrUn, specifically the recent article regarding APEX money.

  1. Background from ↩︎

  2. It’s rumored that one of them is suffering from a split personality; trying to run a company (or 6), be on the board of 3 corporations, enrich the lives of some snobby CEOs with additional tools that they hook to their spreadsheets in space, and still find time to eat. ↩︎