Galactic Senate Opens Its Doors to the Public and Improves Garden

The Galactic Senate has opened its doors to the unwashed masses of the universe, complete with written invitations! Come see the new and improved Senate Gardens!

Garden improvements courtesy of McGanksta

The Galactic Senate serves as beacon of hope to the universe, which is full of mundane jobs, brutal working conditions, and slave driver bosses1. But do not be detered! For in the past several weeks, Gov. McGanksta - a member of the Galactic Trade Union - has been beautifying the garden in his own fashion.

But that’s not all the Senate building has to offer! Check out the fully-stocked library, the hypertrain station2, the beautiful hallway & staircase, and the immaculate restrooms3.

Visit the Galactic Senate on Discord today!

  1. See our previous article on the topic: Slave Master Feels Blessed That She Was Able to Turn Her Hobby Into a Career ↩︎

  2. Warning: hypertrains destinations may not always exist. ↩︎

  3. Cleaning services are in negotiations, and may strike next week if an agreement is not reached. ↩︎