Slave Master Feels Blessed That She Was Able to Turn Her Hobby Into a Career

Speaking with reporters about how lucky she is to be pursuing her life’s passion, Sharlinda of Shared Drinks Ltd said yesterday she would always feel grateful for the turn of events.

I am truly blessed to have my hobby become my dream job; one that pays me to do what I really want to do. Like ancient philosopher PT Barnum on old Earth said: “Your success depends on what you do yourself, with your own means.”

A self-taught slave master who learned the ropes in her spare time, Sharlinda recalls how she started out.

I think it was about a year ago. I started in a storage unit on Boucher and it just grew from there.

Convincing both family members and sibling corporation CEOs to be her Guinea pigs didn’t come easily for Sharlinda. With a laugh, she explained,

It definitely wasn’t easy and most of the time, they weren’t willing participants. Catfiz certainly wasn’t willing, but he submitted.

Sitting on her throne, Sharlinda reminisced about the long, difficult road to becoming the slave master she is today. In the beginning, she lacked the proper tools and funds. She even recalls a time where she didn’t have a whip. Nowadays, she has all the resources she could possibly imagine to enslave entire planets. When asked what she would say to other prospective slave masters, she said with a tear in her eye,

Just remember to seize every opportunity you get to grab a whip and keep people in line.