Missing ship found after 3 weeks

Floating point precision blamed for delay.

A missing spacecraft identified as BVI-7415TC “The Calliem” was finally found entering Vallis’ orbit after being missing for 3 weeks. EMTs rushed to their landing pad to assist the malnourished crew.

Photograph courtesy of “Star Citizen player”

Captain Visalda told investigators that “it was just a little math update to the navigation computer. We never expected it wouldn’t have the floating point precision to keep us out of the path of a comet. Glad I hired a good pilot. The damage could have been enough to end us completely instead of just send us to……. Where are we, anyway?”

It seems The Calliem will not be making it’s delivery: 3000 units of desperately needed bottled llama bath water to Promitor. (See H2O crisis for details.)