Counterpoint's Tip on Parenthood: Shoot and Kill Your Dog In Front Of Them To Teach Them Supply and Demand

ProsperousTurnip, Proxion - APEX developer Counterpoint shared wisdom last week with an interview with Turnip staff. Among other lines of inquiry, he provided some rare advice on his experience as a father.

Counterpoint teaching a valuable lesson to his children [^1]

The concept of supply and demand is a difficult concept for kids to understand. That’s why I suggest simply shooting and killing the family dog while they watch. Basically, when they watch their dog’s lifeless body collapse to the floor, there’s an instant decrease in supply—even someone new to finance can understand that. Demand, however, it is a little harder to understand and that is where your child’s angry-filled emotions come into play. The devastating loss will create a strong demand in the form of wanting Fido back. But Fido’s not coming back and that’s just how the market works.

Counterpoint followed up by providing some “buy” recommendations such as shovels and a dog-sized amount of SOI. He also predicted a increase in demand for SOI across the universe.

Many will call me heartless, but the kids need to continue the business of selling the goods the slaves workers produce.

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