FTL Engine Over-performs, Launches Shipment Into Another Dimension

Earlier today, in the outer reaches of the Antares I system. a ship was seen emerging from hyperspace seemingly out of nowhere, severely damaged. Shortly after it’s emergence, MCRN authorities immediately pulled the ship into Phobos Station for questioning.

Artist’s depiction of the hyperspace emergence [^1]

It was insane! One moment we were orbiting Etherwind, ready to take on some water for Harmonia, then my boss falls asleep on the jump throttle! We must have flown a million light-years, and all on 30 units of FF!

The navigator also had something to add.

We were in nowhere I knew. The stars were all in the wrong places, and we weren’t alone! It looked like we were in the middle of some kind of battle! We saw ships bigger than the planet-killer itself, all fighting for some kind of armed bee!

Turnip staff attempted to ask more questions, but the navigator descended into incoherent rambling. However this ship made it back, or whether the crew actually were flung into another dimension, remains a mystery.

Authorities are asking that anyone with knowledge of a “Goonswarm Federation” or a “Null-sec” to please come forward to the nearest safety station.

None of our books, not even the strange ones we found in the bathroom the other day, seem to have anything on the matter.

[^1] Image courtesy http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1324999/thumbs/o-WORMHOLE-facebook.jpg