Extinction Event On AU-605c Renews Fear in Deity molp's Followers

Escalating conflict over major TIO deposits on AU-605c took an unexpected end, resulting in the total extinction of the pioneer population.


The conflict between the companies “molp fake” and “Tortoise Collections” suddenly ceased when what appeared to be a biblical bug plague swarmed over the camps and devoured everything.

A foreman for one of the two companies managed to send a short voice message before being devoured by the plague.

We should never have used deity molps name in vain! It’s too late now, but please, let my family know I BZZZZZZZ OH GOD!! THEY BREACHED THE WALLS!!! AHHHHHHH

What followed was 103 seconds of screams of agony. The Turnip will be following this closely as events transpire.

  1. Image courtesy “Exodus: Gods and Kings” soundtrack artwork ↩︎