Galactic Senate Proves Its Worth – By Dissolving Itself

The Galactic Senate (an Illuminati-like group of mega corporations) has stunned political commentators across the known galaxy by proving its worth this week. Over the course of less than a week, the senate took in diverse views from areas as far as XD-354B, Talosia, and the core planets to finally dissolve itself.

Even more amazingly, the Senate has been replaced by a democratically derived institution1 replacing a patchwork series of organizations trying to organize everything including (but not limited to): rain peddling electronics, Montemites crying about prefabs crashing2 from their luxury villas on Vallis, and Promitorians rioting and COLIQing in frustration.

Sources close to the Turnip have confirmed the catalyst for the dissolution was instigated when the restrooms within the senate flooded due to the after-effects of Taco Tuesday. After much banter regarding their shared experiences, the senators realized they may as well knock the building down if the bathrooms were flooding.

Remains of the Galactic Senate3

Sadly, the janitor for the senate restrooms was still dealing with said after-effects of Taco Tuesday when the building was knocked down. The only personal item found was the ID card with the name so faded that it was no longer legible. As a token of respect, the ID card is worn by whomever is assigned cleaning duties in the new facility.