APEX Devs Complain About FIO Corp Price Band Manipulation on Closed Dev Server

In a recent interview, molp claimed he was “extremely frustrated” after being unable to trade overpriced hydrogen to a new member of the development team. It is widely believed that FIO Corp are responsible for this horrific attack on our beloved developers–especially considering NickNack tweeted “#BlameFIOC” seven more than times his usual twice a day.

I swore the band was far higher when I had forced Manoj to buy from me just the other week. The only reason I can possibly think of is that FIO Corp is somehow involved, the price bands as a concept are certainly not broken. I would know, I made them.

During a tense emergency staff meeting, Counterpoint had to sheepishly admit he had downloaded and installed the FIO extension to help with managing his growing empire.

The game’s just too confusing without it, how does everyone manage to track their consumables without it?!

After this revelation came to light, it turned out that every developer had also downloaded the tool citing similar reasons. Martin being the only exception, cited his own self-developed tool which he swore was far superior. He is currently unaware that all of his bases have been without consumables for 13 days.

It is the widespread use of the tool which is believed to have somehow allowed backdoor access to the fiendish FIO Corp and have caused the game breaking issue. Although the jury is still out as to whether FIO Corp is a super advanced hive-mind, reports suggest it is led by an evil chunk of Greek cheese, pictured below.

Saganaki 1

Manoj, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, seemed relieved that FIO Corp were rightfully being blamed, though he did say that him and Drax had organized a very good CX trade for hydrogen just before FIO Corp’s “vicious attack”. For Manoj, it was just a lucky coincidence molp could not force him to buy horrifically overpriced hydrogen. Since then, molp has fixed the price band with a reluctant Manoj, but has cautioned FIO Corp to not mess with the closed dev-only server’s price bands again or face the consequences.