Etherwind Explores a New Planetary Project

Excess water leads to plans for fun.

ProsperousTurnip - Etherwind. After many weeks of oversupplying the markets, Etherwind CEOs were in a bind: by producing so much H2O & DW, companies were crashing the markets which helped make them grow. In an attempt to stymie a market crash, many companies horded their resources, but encountered issues.

New Planetary Project Goals 1

I had the pioneers load up a hauler with 500t of water, but somebody forgot to secure a few tanks and they fell out when I sent it off, drowning 30 workers. Luckily, there were enough workers in my company’s reserve pool to replace them.
- Kovus

Etherwind CEOs, in the knee-deep water that covers the world, gathered for a meeting and discussed the problem at hand. Citing Vallis with its casino’s bringing in hauler crews to take some time to relax and rejuvenate themselves between long flights, the Etherwind co-op came up with a plan: use their major resource to bring in tourists!

Kiripirin: Can’t we just use all the water for a fun water balloon fight?
kingf: I want to give access to people so they have fun also with water, but some people dont want that
Pi-Pi: Let’s open a water park!

Other solutions were proposed as well, including doing “supply management” and forming a cartel. Those seemed like they would hinder the tourism industry, and prevent independent haulers from visiting the planet. Not to mention being a lot of work.