Rumored Star-Gate Found Near Hortus

ProsperousTurnip, Promitor. In an exciting turn of events, scientists have discovered a star-gate near Promitor’s sun, Hortus. The star-gate hypothesis, as theorized by Gag Halfrunt, is one of the famous scientist’s recent contributions to the scientific community.

We can’t believe we found one so quickly! We secured funding from Promitor leadership’s money laundering for at least 2 more years, so this is quite the surprise.

The star-gate, described as 50 meters wide and 1 meter tall, is very ornate in appearance. One member of the expedition describes it as “baroque.”

It has 10 sections, the two of near the center are connected by a simplistic hinge locking mechanism. It’s an amazing sight.

First image of the Star-Gate

Scientists caution, that while this is an exciting discovery, there is still quite a bit of work to be done.

We’re still taking samples and doing spectral analysis. The only information we have so far is that it’s made of aluminum and is chained/linked together. We’ll definitely have more exciting information in the future.