CEOs in Antares Turn to Selling RAT to Promitor As Their Only Source of Income Vanishes

With recent events, Antares has been turned on its head. Large crowds gather in the streets to protest massive lay-offs in the mining districts.

The Crash 1

I don’t know how pay my bills

says Bobemor, as he kicks his now dysfunctional EXT.

ALO has been the lifeline of the whole system and now the Money Magician (MM) has decided to lower prices to nothing.

With no other option left the local producers scramble to convert their digging operations into wretched farms to sell RAT to Promitor.

RAT on Promitor is now more profitable than ALO here, so we hope to scramble to the market there and turn a profit that way. molp forbid, even Berthier might be a better place to be right now.

Slomes remarked, sobbing with tears. With their financial future uncertain a rocky road lies ahead for all citizens of Antares. Can the economic downfall be stopped?