BREAKING NEWS - APEX CEOs in Mourning, After Deity molp Squashes Beloved Bug

March 25th 3021, the Universe weeps over their favorite litte bug.

Sighting 1

Nicknamed “Freefewl”, the bug brought joy everywhere, whenever it spontaneously appeared to people flying through the endless void. The last time it appeared, eyewitnesses claimed to have seen the deity molp materialize out of thin air.

I can’t let you live, sorry.

molp proclaimed before stomping it mercilessly. molp shortly after dematerialized.

Man I loved that little bugger. I even took off with my ship just because I heard he would appear somewhere soon. Really makes you question your faith.


When asked for further comment, CEO Prdgi waved off, covering his face with his other hand in an attempt to hide his tears.

  1. Image courtesy Slomes ↩︎