Governor Successfully Builds Local Market, Is It Enough For Re-election?

With the Promitor (VH-331a) election soon coming to a close, Governor Catfiz has successfully launched the Hortus system’s very first Local Market. Promitor CEOs rejoiced as the need for expensive fuel has fallen immensely with the mainly agriculture focused economy.

Local Market Cutting Ceremony1

When asked for comment, Bant of Bant Industries, once a Carbon Farmer turned Promitor entrepreneur had this to say,

Local Markets prove very useful for the economy and allow me to easily list my goods to my partners and neighbors without leaving the planet. With these profit margins, I’ll be able to settle my second planet in 10 months instead of 12!

Many are curious how the Local Market will affect Governor Catfiz’s reelection campaign which is set to have voting draw to a close in just over two-days’ time. Leading political pundits see the vote as very close with Michionlion drawing nearly the same number of votes as the incumbent and there’s been much chatter and propaganda across the communication channels. Michionlion’s campaign of “We used him for the LM and we don’t need him any longer” has been popular amongst a signficant part of the population.

Time will tell who the people choose as the future governor of Promitor.