Practicioners of Simulogos Double, Have Schism

The number of Simulogists in the galaxy has doubled with EatTacos88 joining Prdgi on the temple planet RL-716g. Almost immediately, the devotees experienced a massive schism in the religion.

The Edicts of Molp (may his code be free of bugs) clearly establish that MAI should be cultivated in rows with a North-South orientation.

When adjusted to account for relativistic motion of the planet, an East-West orientation is required by the Law of Molp (may his code be free of bugs).

When prompted for a statement on the “Helical Plantation” model of MAI cultivation proposed by other factions of Simulogists, both Prdgi and EatTacos88 can find common ground.

Its just stupid - blasphemy even!

After throwing handfuls of MAI at each other for approximately 13 hours, the two devotees retreated to opposing poles of the planet. Each have declared themselves a Simulogian - a priest equivalent - and established a cathedral.

While heresy resides on this planet, there shall never be peace!

Prdgi can choke on his sacrilegious corn!