Study sheds light on hidden efficiency factors

A recent study commisioned by Promitor’s Agriculture Daily has revealed the presence of two new efficiency factors. The study has also hinted at the presence of additional hidden efficiency factors.

We believe this could be the next big breakthrough in agricultural production

According to the study, APEX users are able to influence production efficiency by performing regular, mundane rituals. The trial, consisting of 9 users, has found that performing a routine known as a “pushup” can result in an increase in production capability.

I was doing my daily pushups as part of my devotion to Molp (may his code be free of bugs). I glanced at my monitor and noticed that a new efficiency factor was present! I was so excited that I forgot I was doing pushups and fell flat on my face.

We’ve been humbly carrying out our pushup ritual. I’m just giddy to find we’ve been granted this boon!

The exact mechanism by which performing this ritual effects production efficiency is unknown, but experts suspect that there is some correlation between the increase in production and the amount of sweat produced by the devotee. Curiously, the same study noted a second efficiency factor that appears to be related to consumption of tacos.

I don’t know what to do with my life now. I love tacos, and I’m devoted to Molp (may his code be free of bugs). I don’t want to choose between them.

Users who wish to participate in further trials can find further information here: