CEOs Across The Galaxy Suddenly Unemployed

CEOs across the galaxy have woken up to find themselves unemployed and their jobs now being held by an AI. Doctors are starting to worry about the dangerously low daily click amount (DCA) reported in these former titans of industry. We caught up with Carepanda, while he awaited behind nearly 70 others outside the unemployment office.

I usually like to get my daily clicks in before my morning coffee. Now I have to stay up until 3 in the morning just to get my daily allotment in. Standing in line like some…plebeian pioneer is humiliating.

In other news around the galaxy, authorities are looking for more information on the death of Allen Rodgers whose body was found this afternoon. He was last seen in a navy pinstriped suit on Etherwind placing a recurring order in his FP for one cycle of DW. Suspected cause of death is an overdose of NOTS.