GDP Celebrate the Holidays By Bankrupting Those Less Fortunate

ProsperousTurnip, Montem. Doing their best to spread the spirit of the season, GDP is celebrating the holidays by bankrupting those less fortunate than them. Carried on a throne by 8 slave children, Sharlindra explained,

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle bustle and forget to help end the companies that we failed to already destroy.

GDP Holiday Spirit[^1]

Clad in “holiday ugly sweater” attire, Prdgi enthusiastically remarked,

It’s a lot of work and it means taking time away from my family, but to see the blood draining away from CEO faces makes it all worthwhile. The sad thing is that no matter how many bankruptcies I induce, there’s always a long line of companies who are still in business.

Name_Dunno likes to add a personal touch to his generosity,

I make sure to visit the children of those affected and collect their tears as their belongings are sold off. Seeing those vials of tears next to my collection of severed fingers will never cease to bring a tear to my eyes.

[^1] image courtesy