Scientist Couple Successfully Mate to Help Save Endangered Population Class

ProsperousTurnip, Umbra. A resounding victory for scientist preservationists for they worried that the creatures could be lost forever: a scientist couple on Umbra have successfully mated and are scheduled to have offspring in 7 months.

The scientists[^1]

The population has dwindled down to practically nothing despite extensive spending on infrastructure. Hearing this news was a welcome surprise—I danced upon hearing about it. Researcher 777 of Immaculate Industries

While the news is indeed positive, without additional breeding programs and support from the local government, the next generation may never see these creatures with their beautiful white coats.

Sadly, many of these creatures will die due to lack of education and culture sources. We still have hope that some will go on to produce further offspring.

At the time of printing, the father of the unborn had passed away of boredom while outside a decaying 4D Arcade.

[^1] image couresty