Jkomut Death Ruled Suicide

After two months of agonizing investigation into his death, GTU security forces1 have deemed the death of Jkomut of GDP a suicide.


GDP Statement
Jkomut was a good friend, and a valued member of GDP. Whilst jkomut is no longer with us, their spirit has become reborn and their reincarnation walks among us.

Let us join together to mourn the loss of our Pruddha, but let us search for the next.

Jkomut’s body, which was found by witnesses with both hands tied behind his back and two holes in his head, has tragically been lost while being transported through the RL-005 system.

  1. Galatic Senate police were kept out of the investigation through a series of well-caused distractions in the forms of protests, riots, and brightly-colored murals. ↩︎