Racing to the INFinite Bottom

A longstanding InsuFoam (INF) cartel consisting of Rain Industries and Slomes, Inc. was destroyed by new companies inserting themselves into the market.

Recent INF market offers to sell to a lack of buyers.

Rain, of the self-named Rain Industries, stopped to chime in before making his way to the casinos on Vallis.

But when a couple other people jump in to sell INF because they want to and not beacuse the market needs more, nothing we can really do but “lose” or stop producing.

A production stoppage lead to massive layoffs and sale of the buildings. With that sort of one-time cash influx, it makes sense that Rain was off to drink & gamble in order to ignore the horrors just inflicted onto the INF producing workers.

Slomes, Inc. refused to provide a comment. It is believed that a review of security footage from Happy Endings Pleasure Center on Montem will reveal how their CEO is coping.