NLT Corporation Plans Collapse as Members Self-Destruct

Field Reporter Slomes visited with NLT Corporation to understand their strain as several of its members chose to COLIQ.

NLT Corp members are following the signs.

Long-time and active companies such as Perserverance and LZCorp followed the example of FrostCOR in exiting stage left; leaving NLT Corporation trying to make up for the loss.

Esabab is still hopeful that the elaborate plans to settle the frontier planets outside of Castillo-Ito Mercantile space can be completed. Our awesome field reporter1 gleaned this nugget during an interview:

Well Lachesis is supposed to be the hub for the area. It works great for accessing all of the systems around it and centralizing materials. The NLT people that quit are mostly taking a break until the launch or reset2. Only one of them is permanent loss. The whole off CX thing has always been a NLT goal but its just never going to work out with the state of the game3 as it is. There’s not enough shipping to be bought in that area and no matter how low fuel or whatever was listed for there was never a rush to come and get it. So the grind of trying to make it work was wearing on people I wouldn’t join another corp since I have a corporate HQ. If anyone was interested in working on Electronica they could join my corp

  1. We’re not actually convinced Slomes is awesome, but this probably makes him feel better about doing all of this work for an occasional peanut. ↩︎

  2. We’ve asked the APEX crew what this means. All we’ve been able to understand is that a launch/reset is related to a theoretical very small bomb that links all of the suns and makes them explode, wiping out everything and everyone. ↩︎

  3. Apparently APEX trading is a game to some corporations. I guess when you have that sort of cashflow, you can afford to treat it as a game. ↩︎