Riot Destroys "New" Turnip Headquarters

A few weeks ago, Prosperous Turnip moved their headquarters from Katoa to Promitor. After all, a top-quality publication like Prosperous Turnip deserved a primary building on the sparkling commercial jewel of the universe, rather than a backwater planet like Katoa.

Prosperous Turnip headquarters on Katoa

We bought the new building on Promitor and slapped our sign on it. The day after, a crowd of Promitorians weilding sticks, posterboard and colorful markers showed up with a megaphone and started protesting our news outlet’s new facility. The peaceful protest of our new location lasted for 23 minutes before the Galactic Senate enforcers arrived in full assault gear to take their revenge upon us for not giving them favorable (“fake”) reviews in our popular news.

So new headquarters on Promitor was not to be, as we really couldn’t be taken seriously in the ruins of the building. We retreated back to Katoa1, where they conveniently ignore our failures to pay taxes. It’s better this way.

  1. As an out of character aside: our editors have been busy with non-Prosperous Universe related life. Much as we’d like to spend the time to write stories for your amusement, it does take time, and real life has interfered lately. I do hope we can get back to providing stories for you all on a consistent basis. ↩︎