Rain Industries Votes Ignored

Rain Industries went to vote in Etherwind’s CoGC upcoming program, and found that they were completely uninfluential.

So it seems the Etherwind political machine has a beef against Rain Industries. Rain voted to promote the education of pioneers, but upon review found out that the votes were unvalued.

All companies are created equal, for what reason does the system need to discriminate against me…
Just because I don’t provide housing for my workers? Is such a reason adequate to deny my vote?
Gather arms my fellow PrUnians, we must tell them that we will not stand for such oppressions!

Prosperous Turnip isn’t willing to support oppressing the oppressor. After all, everyone should have a job, housing, and the resources to live happily. Plus, noone is paying us to help recruit support to fight the machine.1

  1. Officially, Prosperous Turnip’s support isn’t for sale. Not that we’d tell everyone if it did happen. ↩︎