Sheepish Molp breaks down on camera; "I didn't really create the universe"

Prosperous Turnip tagged along for an interview1 between Prdgi from GDP and molp, one of the premier APEX developers.

Media with the original sources2

blah, blah, blah… 30 min later….

So how did you end up creating this great universe we all ended up settling into? Promitor’s been great.
Well, we bought this software library from a guy working out of his garage. It did some great creation of planets; coordinating collisions of asteroids and allowing for connecting star systems together. It was a natural fit for APEX.
Wait, so you didn’t create the universe?
(Realizing what was just revealed..) Well, mostly. I mean, I pressed the button that generated it all!

molp ended the interview early. It’s believed he went searching for a rock to hide behind.

  1. While we did tag along, we did not verify who Prdgi was actually interviewing. “molp” is what they had on their “Hello, my name is …” tag. ↩︎

  2. We’re not sure how such age-old media survived the trip from Earth. It wasn’t even current media when we left! ↩︎