APEX Searches for Support Stories to Pass on to New Companies

APEX Promoter and Public Relations Manager, NickNack, has started a new campaign to help new CEOs in their operations to take their companies from small startups to massive industry giants.

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While APEX has complete training, the team has decided to see if there are any pointers that existing giants can offer to the new startups. If you’re feeling like sharing your wisdom like a few other CEOs have, please navigate to https://com.prosperousuniverse.com/t/tips-for-new-players/2190 and tell your short story.

If you’re not in the giving mood, then we hope your company is striken with a plague, bringing your construction to a grind.

Editor’s note:
We don’t actually want your employees to be plagued, just your production. After all, if you need to fix a bunch of things because you were too stuck up to share knowledge, you deserve to be reminded of how painful things can be.

  1. Image from http://www.rdawep.org.au/giving-small-business-big-future-australia/ ↩︎