Adopting a G, PTU Starts to Emulate GDP Success by Becoming 33% More Like Their Arch-Rivals

ProsperousTurnip, Promitor - In a published notice, leadership of the GTU (previously PTU) announced their intent to slowly turn into GDP over the coming months. Leader of PTU, LordScrubjay remarked,

What we tried didn’t work and what GDP is doing obviously does, so we’re going to “boil the frog” as they say and slowly become them.

For now, the PTU has become the GTU, however, the long term plan is to switch the ‘T’ in late June and the ‘U’ in early September.

In addition, LordScrubjay made the announcement that he would be, for the time being, stepping down from GTU leadership. Rumors suggest LordScrubjay is scouring the planets for a surgical solution to his “Pinocchio nose.” In his stead, McGanksta will be taking the reins of the corporation. When asked what he wishes to accomplish with his term, he replied:

I think then next goal of the GD—I mean GTU, is to make a ‘D’ on SW-829c, and to start making BDE at a reduced cost for the rest of the universe.