Nancy Gives Birth to Clutch of 5

After hours upon hours of investigation into the possibility of “memory leaks” or “bugs” in the latest update, APEX developer Martin discovered the true cause of APEX slowness.

Image of Nancy, delivering data 1

After confirming that it wasn’t a floating point precision issue, I noticed that packets were much more delayed than usual. It ends up that Nancy the Networking Nightingale just gave birth!

Nancy, resident carrier nightingale, has been struggling to keep up with all the packets coming out of APEX while also keeping her newborns fed. When asked for comment, Nancy responded with an exasperated sigh and a very tired sounding bird song.

APEX is searching for additional network data delivery experts to allow Nancy to spend more time with her babies, as Nate the Networking Naked Mole Rat has not been seen in some time.2

  1. Image taken from, but has been modified. ↩︎

  2. It’s currently unknown if Nate just hasn’t come above ground in a while, or if something happened to him. ↩︎