Statues Erected on Unused Plot Space

Attempts at flattery of APEX developers might be producing results.

Corporations have been utilizing a little extra money and some unused land to create shrine-like monuments to the APEX developers. We visited Slomes, Inc.’s factory on Promitor to see the work of art they created on their property.

Image by Phil Nash, modified 1

While expectations that such flattery would result in no noticable changes - much like shrines to the dead - it seems that Slomes found some positive results.

I threw a suggestion out there, and it just sort of sat. I’d requested that the governor term length be increased, and to shorten the election periods.
Then I built this statue, and in the next APEX maintenance release, I was amazed to see my request was fulfilled!
If I knew that all it took was some fancy art & worship I would’ve spent less space on my factory, and more on making idols of the APEX devs!

Several work crews were spotted on GDP company plots preparing to create garden shrines as well. We haven’t seen what the focus is yet, but it’s believed they’re also creating statues honoring the APEX developers.