Aggressive Butterflies Destroy Crops, Prices Skyrocket on Promitor

Prosperous Turnip, Promitor - Markets are in turmoil today after nearly twenty thousand tons of crops were destroyed due to an invasive species of butterfly which was discovered early Friday afternoon.

Photograph courtesy of Charles J Sharp 1

The butterfly, which many local lepidopterists speculate was bioengineered, breed quickly. During the mating process, the females appear to release a toxin which destroys nearby crops. Scientists are analyzing it, but have been sofar unable to determine what it is, or how to combat it.

According to an anonymous source close to LordScrubjay, governor of Promitor, this pest was released after a spat between the governor and an economist of Montem in which the economist threatened to “let loose the butterflies of war.” What may have been perceived as a laughing matter before is no longer humorous as Promitorians scramble to provide a response.

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