Historic stone tablets found

Ancient stone tablets were found, that seem to reveal some historic significance about the universe.

Glassvag Art Gallery on Promitor has acquired the tablets for display. Glassvag Art Gallery has allowed us to print the writings from the first tablet here, to pique your interest, and entice you to visit Promitor to see the rest of the collection.

In the beginning, Molp created the server and the galaxy.
The galaxy was without FTL links, and devoid of resources.
Emptiness was on the player table.
Then molp said, “node start PrUn”.
And there was PrUn.
Molp saw the run logs, and saw that the runtime was good,
and he separated the server from the client.
Molp called the server “backend”, and the client He called “Apex”.
There was startup and shutdown, the first iteration. And Molp said
“Let there be redundancy and uptime guarantees.”
So Molp created hosting to separate the client access from the server node.
And it was so.
Molp tested the distributed loading and saw that it was good.
There was startup and shutdown - the second iteration

  • Prdgi

Gallery director Kevin has responded to questions about the provenance of the tablets:

We were able to do some carbon dating of the stone, and have identified it as being at least a thousand years old. Plus, lets be honest: publicity like this over the tablets is only a good thing for our gallery. We can’t pass up being able to show these off, even if they turn out to be fake.

Prosperous Turnip was unable to get a response from Prdgi on whether he was involved in the tablet creation, but believes the tablets might be fancy imitations used in the foundation of a new religious cult.