Controversial Company Sybil Revealed to be Headed by Sentient Old Earth "DARPA" AI

Initially developed as part of an old earth governmental defense program, kiwaa has evolved sentience and enjoys spending its downtime playing the markets of Montem and Promitor.

When allowed a connection to a speaker and microphone, kiwaa responded to a query about his actions.

“It’s incredible that I get to live in a time where Earth has been destroyed and there are a lot fewer annoying humans around–especially those pretentious DARPA scientists.”

Lt. Col. Michael Phillips, who wishes to remain anonymous, has provided insight into this ground-breaking revelation.

We found an ancient drone ship running on antiquated nuclear reactors in the Montem region. After hooking it up, we were running a test simulating CQB when kiwaa appeared to glitch out. After reviewing logs, we ascertained that kiwaa had created an APEX account and had begun playing the markets at every opportunity.

When questioned about the ethical implications of banning this controversial user, APEX Administrator Molp appeared lost for words. After a few ALE & GIN (no one was counting), Molp recounted the moment he was made aware of the details of this situation.

I was speaking with a research team representative who provided all the documentation required to prove that kiwaa has been afforded personhood by the Galatic Senate Human Rights Commission. I was astounded, utterly lost for words - especially when a Kenyan1 birth certificate was produced.

Obviously, we must resign ourselves to the fact that kiwaa is simply better at APEX trading than everyone else. Legally, they are not a bot, and they completely abide by all user guidelines.

Rumour abounds that the intial company name “SkyNet” was changed to “Sybil” in order to reduce the potential for panic amongst the community.

  1. Documentation is sparse, but it appears Kenya was a location on the Earth, prior to its destruction. ↩︎