PTU Pledges 10 Million ICA to Eradicate Komvirus Sufferers

ProsperousTurnip Promitor - Promitorian Trade Union members announced today that they have committed 10 Million ICA of their vast fortunes to completely eradicate the threat of komvirus sufferers.

We will be funding a universe-wide initiative to stop Komvirus dead in its tracks on every planet–all 25 million of them. Every one of these individuals, especially those on Katoa, represents the single biggest threat to our universe, and we want them gone as soon as possible. The initiative proposed by PTU was received with open arms by the Galactic Senate.

LordScrubjay, spokesman for PTU, added:

The spread of this virus has altered the lives of tens of thousands of pioneers on Promitor and other planets, and as a result, we will be altering them quite a bit more to stop the spread. To all pioneers with symptoms, please report to the nearest MediBay and/or euthanasia chamber, so we can help stop the spread of this terrible disease.

Interim Speaker Catfiz remarked,

We are always excited for solutions from the private sector. With nearly a half a million deaths and 250 million cases, this solution should be an efficient and effective means of solving the crisis at hand.