Carbon Buyers Association Erects Statue

Prosperous Turnip finally responded to a news announcement from the Carbon Buyers Association. We almost missed it, as the Montem Method performance The Inquisition was just so much more spectacular.

From Pete_the_Chop:

Breaking News*
The Carbon Buyers Association of Montem have taken up a collection and dedicated a statue to the great merchant Mumbo14.
The statue is the first to be erected on Montem’s Avenue of Heroes.
At first, passers-by averted their eyes from the statue, but soon even the smallest children stopped crying as they became used to the apparition’s unusual appearance, and the project was hailed as a great success.
In unrelated news, police temporarily detained a member of the Carbon Producers Union, who was ’loitering suspiciously’ nearby. A spokesman said a hammer and chisel was retrieved from the scene but no charges are being pressed at this time.
End of transmission

The Turnip hasn’t figured out what is so interesting about this statue. It’s just a big cube. See? We shouldn’t have even bothered with this story. But, since we spent all the fuel to go to Montem and check it out, we had to write something to justify the expenses at the bar.