Minor Miners - The Real Truth

Most corporations respect their mines; it’s their bread & butter after all. Sometimes, you just need that extra edge on your competition. Euphemios from Temple Wraiths and Catfiz of Catfish Inc. have been super-helpful and participated in an interview about their experimentation within their mines.

PT: We hear you’ve experimented with using minors in your mines. Can you tell us what you’ve learned frm the experience?

Euphemios: Some of the workers in my mines are [probably] minors.
Minor miners eat less but complain more and have a lower production.

PT: So, all of the mining is done by minors?

Euphemios: Not the whipping.

PT: What sort of things do they complain about?

Euphemios: They apparently want their “mommy”. Apparently parental unit 0x1a34 isn’t good enough for them.

PT: That seems like a pretty major complaint. Any plans to see how to rectify the issue?

Catfiz: Easy enough to fix.
Just wait for the 0x1a35, they won’t be able to tell the difference.

There you have it. Need cheaper-to-feed labor? Wait for the new 0x1a35 Parental Unit, from Sirius Robotics. Prosperous Turnip is not responsible for your Sirius Robotics’ parental unit committing genocide of misbehaving minors.